Hello everyone!

Yesterday, we mentioned that we are here to help you in your battle against obesity – with Active Kickboxing Fitness.

For those of you want to rev up your metabolism, our Active Kickboxing Bootcamp will be the program for you!

Some bootcamps consist of a sizeable number of male clients. But ladies, here at Active Red, our Active Kickboxing Bootcamp consist 99.9% female clients. You’ll definitely feel right at home! 🙂

You will get to enjoy our extremely fun Active Kickboxing Fitness sessions as well as engage in exercises which are integrated with over 500 varieties of circuit training, toning, strength conditioning and band works, this class is the epitome of fitness – a total body workout, definitely a great way to introduce a fresh new approach to doing your workouts. It will get you moving and at the same time give you loads of fun.

Yes, it is also accredited by WAKO (World Association of Kickboxing Organisations)! Your are definitely in safe hands!

Trial sessions are available. So come on in and try it out. Experience the difference today!

To book your trial sessions or to find out more about our Kickboxing classes, simply contact:

Name:     Jason Lim
Email:     jason@activered.sg
Phone:    90921358
website: www.activered.sg

See you soon!



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