Hello everyone!

Its been really hectic since the last post. Our sincerest apologies.

Well, you… we’ve been hard at work with more marketing and promotions events!

Expect to see and hear more about us this year. Yes, we are partnering a whole lot of events – out and about! For all you know, you might just catch us behind one of the event booths!

For a start, we have committed ourselves to sponsor the Tribob Sprint Series.

Suited to the triathlon newbies through to Singapore’s best athletes, the Tribob Singapore Sprint Series is Singapore’s premier multi-sport series.

Various race distances available for all shapes, ages and fitness levels.

3 races to choose from or the option to go for all 3 and step up everytime to a new challenge! You got Aquathlon, Duathlon, Triathlon.

For all you hardcore athlete looking for a challenge in an endurance feat, sign up for the Tribob Sprint Series. Coming up in April – Duathlon!

Check it out at http://www.singaporesprintseries.com/

On the home front, we’ve got loads of news lined up for you! Stay tuned.

For the eager beavers, you can find out more about our latest news just by contacting:

Name:     Jason Lim
Email:     jason@activered.sg
Phone:    90921358
website: www.activered.sg

Speak to you soon!

Yours in health and fitness!



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