Think you’re way past the age for activities involving high kicks and vigorous punches? Think again. You may not be over the hill just yet for active kickboxing – a sport once perceived to be reserved only for the young and super fit.
For the first time ever in Singapore, Active Red, will be officially lanching Active Kickboxing for Seniors at the Active Ageing Festival 2011!
In case, you’re wondering, several of our clients in our existing classes are in thier 50s and have tried their hand at this sport.
Their verdict – benefits aerobically and anaerobically. They have also noticed improved hand-eye co-ordination!
Listen to what Sally, age 59 has to say at
Want to know more about Active Kickboxing for Seniors, visit us at our booth in the Workout Zone in the Active Ageing Festival 2011, Level 3 of Suntec Convention Center and try it out yourself!
For more details on Active Ageing Festival 2011, visit:
For more information on other areas to improve your quality of life in your golden years, visit:
To find out how Active Red can help you age gracefully, contact:
Name:     Jason Lim
Phone:    90921358
Speak to you soon!

Stay Active! Age Gracefully!



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