Hello everyone!

It was an awesome day at Active Ageing Carnival 2011!

We were overwhemlmed by the response of the Active Agers! At the same time, we are deeply glad that they take their health so serious – they truly want to age gracefully!

They really enjoyed themselves having fun at our booth!

They showed us that age is not a barrier to having fun!

There were Active Agers living to ripe old age of 80 showing us some nifty footwork in the test of agility in the ladder.

Yet some showed at 76, they are game for some good old boxing! In fact, our flagship Active Kickboxing Programmes received overwhelming response! WOW!

My utmost respect goes out the Active Agers and… catch your breath, take a seat… the wheelchaired bound! Now… who says boxing is only for the abled bodied?

Then there were the usual questions of strengthening and conditiong for their hardly used muscles through simple rubber resistance tubings!

What a load of excitement in the past 2 days! Really ‘happening’ as some of us may call it! 🙂

For photos and pictures of the Active HEROS and Role Models, follow us on facebook at http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Active-Red/103362879715206

To find out more about Active Kickboxing programmes, visit http://activered.sg/training.html#about

To check on updates on the Active Ageing Festival 2011, visit: http://www.activeageingfestival.com.sg/index.html

To find out more about other areas of Active Ageing, visit:  http://www.50plus.com.sg/story/active-kickboxing-seniors.html

For those who want to get into the thick of things, Sunday, 3 April is the final day of Active Ageing Carnival 2011!

Come on down to Suntec Convention Hall, Level 3!

We’ll see you at the Work out Zone!

And yes…. you can get to try out our flagship Active Kickboxing – all on us!

For more information or directions, contact:

Name: Jason Lim

Phone: 90921358

Email: jason@activered.sg

Website: www.activered.sg

As always…. Stay Active ! Age Gracefully!



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