Hello everyone!

We know how tough our SCDF Fire Fighters are – what with the kind of training they go through as well as high risk job situations!

Well, for one day only, they decided to push themselve to the limits yet again!

Never backing down from a challenge, they all became Kickboxing Warriors – enduring a full 3 hour onslaught of intense (the hardcore level) Kickboxing Training with Terry the Terryble!

Check out the photos at http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.185752994809527.68090.103362879715206&saved#!/media/set/?set=a.185752994809527.68090.103362879715206

In case some of you are wondering – are Active Kickboxing Classes this ‘hardcore’?

Don’t worry, we have programmes for everyone – teens, adults, women only, the men (or the hardcore) and of course our Seniors (age 50 and above). Of course the intensity will vary – everyone will definitely reap the benefits while having loads of fun!

Yes, that’s the beautiful thing about Kickboxing Traing at Active Red – its not just about training in the Ring! There are so many more aspects in Kickboxing.  It definitely is an exciting world of Kickboxing out there!

We will shed more light on Kickboxing in our upcoming posts.

In the meantime, for those who want to find out more about our Kickboxing Programmes, go to http://activered.sg/training.html#programs

To find out more about Kickboxing, go to http://activered.sg/about.html

To check out schedules, go to http://activered.sg/prices.html

See you soon!



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