Dear friends and valued customers,

Trust all of you had a great week at work.

We believe more of you have started to come in to redeem your Groupon Vouchers – trust all of you are enjoying our sessions! 🙂

In case any of you missed our previous post, we are please to annouce the following:

Revised terms of Groupon Voucher

To ensure that everyone of you (all 650) holding on to the Groupon vouchers can come in for the classes, we have revised our terms.

Redemption Choices

You get to choose between the following TWO redemption choices:

  • 2 weeks redemption/validity period, or
  • ONE Month validity upon activation of voucher– i.e. you have one month to complete the 4 sessions on this deal
  • Instead of completing the 4 sessions in 2 weeks, you can come in once a week for your classes over the ONE Month validity period. We highly recommend that you choose a day of the week and stick to it for the next 4 sessions :–

            i.e. If you prefer Monday 7pm, you will come in every Monday at 7pm for next 4 sessions.

Validity of vouchers

  • Vouchers which are not activated have a SIX Months validity – i.e. you have until March 2012 to activate your voucher. Rest assured that you do have a chance to come enjoy our flagship Active Kickboxing Fitness class.

Cancellation Policy

To ensure that everyone (all 650) of you get a chance to come in to enjoy our Active Kickboxing Fitness Class – i.e. to redeem your Groupon Voucher, all clients are kindly requested to book classes at least one week in advance. We would appreciate you could inform us if you are unable to attend the class booked for. In such cases, please give us a minimum of 36 HRS cancellation notice if you are unable to attend the class. Last minute cancellations / no shows / late attendance will be considered as a session completed. Our cancellation policy would give us sufficient time to inform the next person on the waiting list to come in for the day’s session. We greatly appreciate your understanding on this.

Latest Class schedules

We have increased the number of classes to 4 per day. The new available timings are:

Monday to Friday at

6pm to 7pm

9pm to 10pm

Monday, Wednesday and Friday at

7pm to 8pm

8pm to 9pm

* Important note:

Due to the exclusivity of certain classes, the following days and times are currently not available for booking:

Tuesday and Thursday

7pm to 8pm

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

8pm to 9pm

More details can be found at:

Currently, classes are only run on weekday nights.

To cater to all 650 of you Groupon-ers, we will be starting Sunday morning classes from 13 November 2011 with the following timings:

10am to 11am (Available)

11am to 12pm (6 slots have been booked. 6 more slots available)

We will monitor the situation – more classes will be added when there is demand.

Appreciate your understanding that we need to have a minimum of 6 pax before classes can be run.

Redemption process

To redeem your voucher, appreciate you could email us at with:

  • Name
  • Contact number
  • Groupon voucher code
  • Groupon voucher security code
  • Preferred day and time according to our schedule and subject to availability

Should you want to check class availability, feel free to give us a call or sms at 90921358.

We will do our best to contact you within 48 hours. However, as we experience overwhelming bookings and calls, we gratefully seek your
patience and understanding in getting back to you.

Class Safety and Introductory Classes

We would like to advise that for safety reasons and to uphold the quality of our classes, all newcomers would need to go through an introductory class before you can book your slots in the regular timings.

Introductory classes are currently held on:

Every Friday at 7pm

Booking of classes

Booking of classes are on 1st come basis. Again, with the overwhelming response, we seek your understanding and patience that bookings may sometimes not be available at the time you call. We will do our best to advise you on the next available booking date.


Your feedback is valuable to us. Feel free to email us at We will do our best to respond within 48 hours.

We hope our latest advisory gives you a clearer picture on redemption processes.

Do contact us should you need further clarifications.

You can also check out our next advisory on Facebook at:

Active Red Facebook Page


Jason Lim


Active Red


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