Hey everyone,

Trust you had  great week at work/school!

To all the students, all the best in your upcoming exams!

After a good Labour Day break mid week, we are proud to annouce that we kickstart May 2012 Marvellously! Thank you all for your continual support!

We started with a new corporate client – NETS!

Yes, we brought Active Kickboxing Fitness to their door step! That’s one of the little things Active Red does to help you get into shape or simply to kickstart your exercise regime – to make exercising as accessible and convenient as possible for you!

What an aweomse bunch of people the NETS staff are – such a fun-loving and jovial lot! What an experience it is to be working in NETS! 🙂

Check out the photos yourself at Active Kickboxing at NETS!

Back at Active Studio, our very own Senior Kickboxing Trainer, Jason was back teaching the classes – both the juniors and advance clients got to experience a totally different delivery of Active Kickboxing! 🙂

We have got pictures to show!

Check out more photos at Marvellous May 2012 at Active Studio!

Our flagship Active Kickboxing Fitness is just one of an array of programmes within our complete holistic Corporate Wellness Programmes. The other programmes available are:

1. Fitness Assessments

2. Fitness Intervention Programmes

3. Talks/workshops

4. Outdoor Fitness Activities

5. Active Day Programmes/Events

6. Healthy Lifestyle Campaigns

7. Teambuilding with sports and fitness

We would also be glad to tailor-make a programme to suit your needs and bring fitness to your doorstep!

For a complimentary Corporate Wellness assessment of your organisation, kindly contact:

Name: Jason Lim

Phone: +65-90921358

Email: info@activered.sg

Website: www.activered.sg

To choose an Active Kickboxing Programme, read about our different Kickboxing Programmes  here.

To find out more about Active Red, read about us  here.

Book your complimentary trial/intro class at Active Schedules.

You can also follow us on facebook at:

“LIKE” Active Red Facebook Page

“JOIN” Active Red Facebook Group

For more info on WAKO, read about WAKO  here.

To be updated on WAKO Singapore activities, join WAKO Kickboxing Singapore at:

WAKO Kickboxing Singapore Facebook Page


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