Hello everyone,

Trust all of you are having a awesomely inspiring weekend!

Thank you for your termendous support for Active Red!

Active Red has always strived to deliver our trademark awesome Active Red experience!

In our pursuit to offer you the best and safest experience, our Active Trainers consistently attend industry upgrading coursse to keep our skills and technical knowledge updated!

Today, we are proud to annouce the achievement of yet another milestone by Active Team! We have now attained the National Standard for Youth Sports adminstered by the Singapore Sports Council (SSC)!

Check out our Senior Trainer, Jason’s achievement below:

Check out the other Active Trainers’ Certificates here.

With our latest achievement, all are trainers can deliver our flagship Active Kickboxing Fitness class to all the various government aided schools in Singapore under the SSC-MOE Sport Education Programme (SEP) with the highest quality possible.

Find out how your school can enjoy Active Kickboxing based programmes through SEP!

Alternatively, to find out more about SEP endorsed Active Kickboxing Programmes or for a competitive quote, you can also contact:

Name: Jason Lim

Phone: +65-90921358

Email: info@activered.sg

Website: www.activered.sg

To choose an Active Kickboxing Programme conducted at Active Studio, read about our different Kickboxing Programmes here.

Find out more about our latest packages here.

To all new clients, we welcome you to Active Red! Book your introductory workshop with us here. Introductory workshops are held on:

Fridays at 7pm

You can also book your introductory workshops or find out more details with:

Name: Jason Lim

Phone: +65-90921358

Email: info@activered.sg

Website: www.activered.sg

To find out more about Active Red, read about us here.

You can also follow us on facebook at:

“LIKE” Active Red Facebook Page

“JOIN” Active Red Facebook Group

For more info on WAKO, read about WAKO here.

To be updated on WAKO Singapore activities, join WAKO Kickboxing Singapore at:

WAKO Kickboxing Singapore Facebook Page


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