We all have our moments of feeling sluggish and as if our brain is stuck in the mud at 3pm of the day. And you’re dreading to head home to get some shut-eye than going for a run.

For a start, stop downing 5 cups of Starbucks (or whatever equivalent) everyday! Lower your intake bit by bit.

Overdose of caffeine will lead to other implications. Once your body get used to the amount of caffeine intake, you will not be able to hang in there for long after you lower/stop drinking coffee. That’s why I rarely drink any unless I have exams coming up.

 Hence, I would personally recommend this NATURAL healthy drink to up your energy level AND immune system, it has no caffeine content:


I have been searching for this for quite a while. This particular brand has no sugar added though it did add lime flavour to cover up the smell of noni. I recommend this to starters and probably switch other brand found in GNC.

Keeping your energy level up is very important as it affects your job performance, mood, diet and overall fitness in the long run. So I gathered some other tips to help you keep your energy up! Have a read!



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