I’d once heard of a quote from someone: There is none other greater asset than yourself to invest in.

There’s a little hint of being self-centered in this quote but I’d like to beg to differ. Having self-love is greatly vital to all of us, in how we feel about ourselves and that attitude we have will reflect in how we carry ourselves.

Self-image is how you visualize and accept of how you look to others. There’s nothing like how a compliment from someone – acquaintance, colleagues, friends and family, that helps to boost our confidence and happiness level. Before that could happen, only YOU can help yourself. Only with self-love, you take better care of yourself, not only image wise, because I always believe that beauty comes from within. Feed on the right food (of course not forgetting the occasional indulgence), love yourself enough to put in time and effort to work out and be ready to embrace a new, glowing YOU!

I’ll say that ‘Love makes YOUR world go round’. How ’bout that?



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