Hello everyone,

Believe all of you know that Active Red is the Singapore Representative of World Association of Kickboxing Organisations (WAKO).

For those of you who are not sure who WAKO is, do visit WAKO Official Website www.wakoweb.com.

In any case, hot on the heels of the recently ended 2012 Olympics, we would like to update you on WAKO’s efforts – WAKO will be in the 2017 edition of the World Games!

Read on for more details….

On the occasion of the 2012 SportAccord Convention which was held in beautiful Quebec City (Canada), WAKO leaders Ennio Falsoni, Espen Lund and Richard Leyrer met Mr. Ron Froelich , president of the World Games (second from left in the picture) in order to explore the possibility to have kickboxing included in their program.

Mr. Froelich, who had already  met our president Falsoni  together with Richard Leyrer last year in Budapest, said that there are good chances for us since Wroclaw (Poland) won the bid to organize the World Games in 2017 and requested, among others, that kickboxing could be one of the demo sport of the programs.

WAKO will have now to focus on which styles to present in Poland in 2017. But as we will have Semi-Contact, Full Contact and K1 Rules in the World Combat Games, it is logical that WAKO will include Light Contact, Low-Kick and Musical Forms in the World Games so to satisfy all exigencies of our members.

In the next few months, our WAKO Board (which will meet in Bratislava in September during the World Cadet/Junior Championships) will decide accordingly.

It’s another very good news of the increasing success of WAKO activities in the official programs  of different Games under the patronage of IOC.

That’s also the reason  why WAKO will surely apply again to get the IOC recognition in next November, after the Olympics of London. We already fulfil all IOC criteria to be officially recognized and we truly believe it’s the right time to enter the prestigious Olympic family.

Extracted from Offical WAKO Website.

Maybe Kickboxing will be included in the Asian Games or something closer to home, SEA Games? 🙂

Leave your thoughts. 🙂 🙂 🙂

Look our for more WAKO activities, events and workshops/seminars coming to you this year!

Stay tuned! : )

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One thought on “Update – WAKO Kickboxing in the 2017 WORLD GAMES!

  1. Well to me Martial Arts means respect and discipline.
    I have trained in different Martial arts now for well over 21 years.
    I have seen more than a few people come and go but one thing that I have noticed
    is the respect and discipline which has changed those peoples perception of
    Children that have started that might be on the wrong side of the tracks,
    always in trouble and no idea how to respect other kids.
    Put them in a controlled environment with discipline and fighting and
    they soon start to understand.
    Martial arts is a great technique for infants and adults
    to get rid of their aggression without hurting or bullying anyone.

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