Hey everyone!

Trust you all had a great weekend and awesome August!

Well, here at Active Red, it was simply AAAAAwesome Adrenaline-pumping August at Active Red!

With everyone’s support, Active Red was able to bring our award winning flagship Active Kickboxing Fitness (Specialy designed and ONLY THE WOMEN GET IT!) to so many more people!

At the schools!

We start them young! Through the Singapore Sports Council (SSC) and the Ministry of Education (SSC), our future of Singapore was able to enjoy our fun – we brought Active Kickboxing Fitness to:

Yuying Secondary School

More photos at Yuying Secondary School enjoying SEP Endorsed Active Kickboxing Fitness!

Singapore Chinese Girls School (SCGS)

Check out more Awesome Active Cardio Kickboxing at SCGS!

For the Ladies through Great Eastern Women’s Run!

Specially for the ladies only, we are honoured to be a partner for Great Eastern Women’s Run 2012!

Check out more photos are:

Great Eastern Women Runners enjoy Active Kickboxing Fitness

Wonderful introductory session with Great Eastern Women~!~!~!

Great Eastern Women doing Active Kickboxing – 2

Great Eastern Women Run Enjoying Active Kickboxing Fitness – 3

Kickboxing at Active Studio!

Sign up for the next session on Sunday, 9 September 2012 NOW! at: http://greateasternwomensrun.com/index.php?page=other-activities#kickboxing

At the corporate offices!

We were also honoured to be invited to present Active Kickboxing Fitness to 2 major government linked organisations.

At ST Kinetics!

Check out our Token of Appreciation from ST Kinetics.

Do also check out our Token of Appreciation from Republic of Singapore Navy!


Having had an earlier round of Active Kickboxing Fitness, NETS was ready to start their 2nd round in August!

Check out more photos at Active Kickboxing @ NETS! Round 2!


Due to request and demands from the guys, we have also started a one and only MALE ONLY CLASS.

Check out more photos of Active Kickboxing Fitness MALE ONLY Class!

Active Red is not all work, the Active Team also knows how to wind down as one big happy family!

Want to know more about Active Red Family, check out Active Red Family’s 1st Get-Together 2012!

Got your adrenaline up? After viewing our photos, makes you want to sign up for our Active Kickboxing Fitness Classes, ya?

Join us today at Active Red! 🙂

Find out more about our Active Kickboxing Programmes at Active Studio, kindly contact:

Name: Leo
Phone: +65-9761 5523

Email: info@activered.sg

Website: www.activered.sg

To find out more about Active Kickboxing Fitness at schools or corporate offices, please contact:

Name: Jason Lim

Phone: 90921358

Email: jason@activered.sg

Website: www.activered.sg

To choose an Active Kickboxing Programme, read about our different Kickboxing Programmes here.

To find out more about Active Red, read about us here.

Book your complimentary trial/intro class at Active Schedules.

Remember to follow us on facebook at:

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For more info on WAKO, read about WAKO here.

To be updated on WAKO Singapore activities, join WAKO Kickboxing Singapore at:

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