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Christmas and New Year is round the corner, guess what for most of the people ?? ITS PARTY TIME!!! Celebrations, Parties….. and whats the thing that most people don’t wanna miss out?? Its alcohol/alcoholic drinks. Now its alright to have a few drinks with your good friends or family. But still there’s things to take note. Here’s some tips for u. (Especially ladies)


Drink, if you must, but in moderation

A drink or two will help you let down your hair, but women should drink no more than 2 standard drinks a day. A standard alcoholic drink is defined as can (220 ml) regular beer, 1 glass (100 ml) wine or 1 nip (30 ml) spirits. Cocktails have varying alcohol content. You might not realise it, but cocktails such as a Screwdriver or Bourbon & Coke can contain 30ml of spirits or more. As a guide, drink no more than 2 cocktails on any given occasion.

Before you start drinking alcohol, check with your doctor if you can. Never ever mix drugs and alcohol. Mixing drugs with alcohol can have unintended harmful effects. For example, mixing sleeping pills, such as valium, with alcohol may cause heart and breathing difficulties that may even cause death.


  1. Eat before and during a drinking session

    If you plan to go out for a party that involves social drinking, eat before you start out. Space out your drinks through the evening, sipping slowly. You can also alternate your drinks with non-alcoholic beverages. Slow down alcohol absorption by eating some food in between as well.

    If you are watching your weight, cut back on fat through the day to make allowance for the additional calories you will take in through your drinks.

  2. Do not drink and drive

    Alcohol affects hand and eye co-ordination. So, if you plan to drink, take a taxi to the party. After you have had a drink, take a taxi back or use the valet service to drop you home. If you need to drive, choose only non-alcoholic drinks. Tell your friends that you are driving so they won t buy you drinks that you have to refuse.

  3. Watch out for dependence

    Keep a track of how often and how much you drink. Share your results with a close family member or friend so that you can protect yourself from drinking too much and too often.

  4. Get help, if needed

    Be honest and seek help if you have a problem with alcohol. Reach out to any one of the agencies dedicated to helping people with alcohol dependence or addiction.

Hope all these tips helps.

For more articles regarding alcohol, check out http://www.hpb.gov.sg/HOPPortal/health-article/2752

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