First day back to work for most of us!

How has Chinese New Year been for you so far? Too much snacking on those tidbits?

Here’s an inspiring story to read on.

We watch animated movies in cinemas all the time and wonder how the people behind could make the characters come to life?

For the first time, a Singaporean will be honoured with an Academy Award in Hollywood.

Animator Nickson Fong, part of a three-man international team, will receive the Technical Achievement Award next month for inventing a technique that makes 3-D animated characters and faces more life-like.

Together with Mr Lewis and Mr Cordner, he will be honoured with a Technical Achievement Award, an Academy certificate, at the Scientific and Technical Awards Presentation, which will be held at The Beverly Hills Hotel on Feb 9.

The technique, created in 2000 and dubbed Pose Space Deformation, has been adapted widely in the film industry, including in the science-fiction film Avatar and the Lord Of The Rings movie series.

The 43-year-old was surprised when told of his win in December 2012. “But when I found out how widespread the technology had been adapted, I was really honoured,” he said.

Mr Fong, a Hollywood mainstay for years, created visual effects for films such as The Matrix sequels. He founded the startup Egg Story Creative Production, which folded in 2010.

Having worked for Hollywood studios such as DreamWorks Animation and Sony Pictures Imageworks, Mr Fong is now based in Singapore and heading his own company, Egg Story Studios.
And while returning to the US to work isn’t in the pipeline, he wouldn’t mind going there on a project basis.

For now, he is involved in post-production work for Control, an upcoming Hong Kong thriller starring Daniel Wu.

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