Happy Sunday to all!

Hope everyone had an awesome weekend and yes because a new week is going to start~

Let’s talk about breakfast!

The word breakfast, the start of a new morning and most of us walking up and yes we need to feed our stomachs with food.

Think bagels, toast with jam and maybe cereal?


Yes eggs included! Who doesn’t love them?

Do you know why eggs are so good for you, your body?


1. Get your vitamins

 One little egg is packed with several vitamins essential to your health:

• Vitamin B2 (riboflavin), which helps your body to break down food into energy
• Vitamin B12 (cobalamin), vital for producing red blood cells
• Vitamin A (retinol), which is great for your eyesight
• Vitamin E (tocopherol), which fights off the free radicals that can cause tissue and cellular damage, which may lead to cancer

Vitamins A and B2 are also important for growth—so make sure your kids are eating eggs regularly, too.

2. Boost weight loss

Eggs are high in protein and they keep you full for longer rather than toast or cereals! That means you’ll tend to snack less or reach for something ‘less healthy’ as a last minute resort because you’re hungry.

3. Eggs are rather inexpensive

Compared to other high protein foods such as red meat, even free range eggs are more budget friendly.

4. Eggs help with brain development and memory

Choline, an essential nutrient found in eggs, stimulates brain development and function. It has also been linked with increasing memory retention and recall as well as improving alertness.

5. Your abs eat them up!

A certain sequence of amino acids that makes egg protein easy for your body to absorb. So hard-boiled grade-A is an ideal muscle-repair food after a butt-busting workout.

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