Happy Tuesday everyone!

At Active Red, we believe in having an Active lifestyle and stay healthy.

We are always happy to know when like-minded people in the fitness industry share the same values, supporting what we have been doing like Fitz Koehler.

As said Fitz Koehler, a fitness expert who has over 22 years experience teaching fitness all over the globe.

She’s president of Fitzness International, a fitness company which specializes in fitness education via mass media, and fitness programming (Morning Mile). 

Along with teaching to millions in person via seminars, lectures, group classes and personal training in over a dozen countries. Fitz has also promoted fitness through every avenue of mass media; books, television, films, radio, magazines, journals and online.

Besides having a well balanced diet and eating right, we know having the right sports gear is equally as important.

As for women, yes the right set of clothes matters with matching tops and bottoms.

Of course, not forgetting the right sports bra is essential when we workout.

We still want to workout in style and yet want to get to work without having to worry about pain or making a scene.

Here are some suggestions by Fitz that could help you:

Best Bras for Medium Support: Oakley Women has hit it out of the park with a unique combination of support, shape and comfort. Both the Continuity and Breath In sports bras are the kind of bras you’d want to live in every day.

Champion Absolute Workout Bra

Champion Criss-Cross Max Support Bra

Best Bras for Maximum Support: Oh how we’ve wished our boobs would just stay in place! Well ladies, now they will. Champion has an entire arsenal of sports bras which are both gorgeous and sturdy. Champions Custom Criss-Cross and their Absolute Workout bras would be a good addition gear when you head out for a workout or training.

With bras like these, we’ll kick butt with our workouts in comfort and confidence without a hassle now.

To read full article by Fitz Koehler, click here.

Fitz’s mission is to tack ten years on to everyone’s life she comes acrossLet’s all be motivated and make an constant effort to keep active and healthy!

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