Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Summer’s here and now’s the time to set new fitness or health goals, and sweat it out! All it takes is matching the right workout to your health goal, a little determination to stick to the correct fitness routine, and you’ll be reaping awesome health benefits and getting into shape in no time!

Here’s how you can achieve some of your desired goals:

To get that stunning hot bod this summer, try doing High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) two to three times a week. Reports have shown that HIIT sessions can increase fat-burning ability, as it keeps your metabolic rate elevated. Each sweat-inducing workout is very short but yet delivers a punch! You’ll be sure to achieve your target in no time.


If you are looking to lose the baby weight after pregnancy, circuit training would be perfect. Do it about three times a week, breezing through three sets of movements without stopping. Be sure to take a short, active break between circuits! Circuit training is ideal for boosting your metabolism, and it’s more effective than a treadmill workout of similar intensity.


For the prevention of high blood pressure, walk! Power walk for 24 minutes daily.

Regular exercise helps to regulate one’s stress responses, which in turn helps to keep blood pressure down.

Set a goal and start working towards it today!

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