Happy Thursday Everyone!!!

Ever wonder why you have heavy or sore legs, nagging injuries, feeling rundown or running out of gas after WORKOUT!

That indicates insufficient recovery!

Eating well for sports is important, but many people forgot about eating for recovery!

Inadequate healing and recovery, tight and restricted fascia and muscle and thus, increased muscle soreness; blood volume lower which makes the heart work harder. Eyesight, brain functioning and coordination start to suffer!

It’s important to know to how to properly recover those fatigued post workout muscles!

After a workout, your body needs more than protein to help repair muscles, but you need carbohydrates to replenish your energy stores as well.

So, choose healthy sources like fruit and fruit juices, vegetables, low fat milk and yogurt, bread, pasta, rice and other whole grains and beans, as well as sports foods like drinks, gels and bars.


In this session, our Consulting Partner, EAT RIGHT NUTRITION CONSULTANCY will give a talk where you will learn about nutrients you should be paying attention to for proper recovery.

You’ll also have a chance to taste a recovery blend that can easily do at home!

Derrick Ong – Dietitian

Its happening from 12:30 pm to 1pm, re-registration early to avoid disappointment!  🙂

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