Hi everyone!

Happy New Year to 2015!

Happy New Year - 2015

It’s been a long while since we last posted here – 5 months to be exact!

You must be wondering what we’ve been up to. Well, we’ve been busy putting the finishing touches to our brand new Active Life Center!


With that, we’ve also been busy preparing many new programmes and events for you, too!

In any case, thank you all for your tremendous support!


Graduates of 1st intake of 2014!

Our internationally recognised WAKO-Accredited Active Kickboxing Fitness Trainer Certification Seminar has received overwhelming response! So much so we are pleased to announce the 1st intake for the year!


For those interested to become an Active Kickboxing Fitness Trainer after engaging in our Active Kickboxing Fitness classes or simply have heard about us, the next intake for WAKO-Accredited Active Kickboxing Fitness Trainer Certification is happening in  March 2015! 


Candidates going through the paces!

Active Red will be running its 1st batch and session for 2015 in March 2015!

For those of you want to find out more about this seminar, read what our pioner graduate, Daven Tan has to say about this seminar…

“Thank you very much for conducting the certification seminar! It’s really beneficial to me, be it as a fitness trainer or an exercise enthusiast. I am looking forward in applying what I have learned in my client’s fitness training.

As a fitness trainer, I have always been finding ways to improve my knowledge and skills, in order to add new elements to my clients’ fitness training, making their training more fun and more effective. I came across Active Red website and was excited to know that they are the Singapore representative of WAKO (World Association of Kickboxing Organizations) and is conducting Kickboxing Fitness Trainer course! I thought this was a good chance for me to learn and get accredited by WAKO. This course is unique as it not only teaches you kickboxing techniques, but also incorporating fitness concept, which is a perfect combination! Presenters Lester and Jason had conducted the course in a very practical and fun way which makes it easy for me to absorb the information. It’s really great to have attended this course and I can’t wait to apply it on my next client session!”


With Kickboxing increasingly gaining popularity as an alternative or enhancement to existing fitness workouts, Active Red is proud to introduce its flagship ACTIVE KICKBOXING FITNESS TRAINING SYSTEM – an exclusive fitness workout that is both fun and result oriented!

Having removed the fight element, ACTIVE KICKBOXING FITNESS TRAINING is one of the most popular Kickboxing Fitness Training in Singapore today – over 12,000 clients have enjoyed Active Red’s flagship programme; and we are still growing!

About the Course

Due to overwhelming response, a special open invitation is extended to anyone who has a passion for Kickboxing, Fitness and people!

Active Kickboxing professionals will hand over the art and science of Kickboxing Fitness Training, perfected from 7,000 hours of padwork foundation training and over 20 combined years of martial arts’ experience.

Through powerful, concise and systematic total body workout systems, these kickboxing skills will help you take your clients to a higher level of physical and mental conditioning.


Active Kickboxing Fitness Training System is accredited by THE WORLD ASSOCIATION OF KICKBOXING ORGANISATIONS (WAKO) – the sole governing body for the Kickboxing sport in the world.

With our 100 member countries in WAKO, Active Kickboxing Fitness Trainer Certification is internationally recognized in more than five continents around the world, namely – Asia, Oceania, Europe, Africa and America.

WAKO is also a member of Sports Accord, which is recognized by International Olympic Council (IOC) and also a member of Olympic Council of Asia.



Listen to what esteemed WAKO President, Mr Ennio Falsoni has to say about Active Kickboxing Fitness Trainer Certification Seminars:

Mr. Ennio Falsoni(WAKO president)

Endorsed by WAKO Kickboxing President, Ennio Falsoni:-

“I am very pleased that your system is working and that kickboxing is spreading even outside Singapore.

You have my approval and complete support in delivering the certificates I have seen.

I have faith that you will groom potential kickboxing trainers professionally – educate them in this system, test their knowledge and award them with these certificates.

So, go ahead and organize more certification seminars!

Keep up your good work in promoting kickboxing in and out of Singapore.

WAKO Kickboxing definitely supports your efforts. “

Being an internationally accredited Active Kickboxing Fitness Trainer, the skills and knowledge acquired would be able to:

  • For new professionals – get you started on a career in fitness.
  • For existing professional – further enhance your existing training programmes and systems.

Clients will definitely feel secure and safe in the hands of an internationally-accredited Kickboxing Trainer.

Who is it for?

This course is designed specifically for Personal Trainers and Fitness Instructors who are highly motivated and constantly looking for new and exciting ways to keep their training sessions varied, interesting, motivated and result oriented. This course will enable you to add variety to your personal training session. This course is also an excellent stepping stone for individuals seeking a career in the fun and exciting health & fitness industry.

Space is limited – only 10 slots available.

Course Outline

  • Equipment types and usage
  • Professionalism in Personal Training Sessions
  • Kickboxing Techniques
  • Kickboxing Footwork
  • 5 Major Padwork Systems
  • Proven Kickboxing Drills and Combination
  • Technique Correction
  • Duty of Care
  • …. and much more



Active Studio @ Active Life Center,

545 Orchard Road,


Far East Shopping Centre,

Singapore 238882.

(Next to Hilton Hotel)


19th & 20th March 2015 (Thursday and Friday)


9.00 am – 6.00 pm

Course Presenters

Jason Lim

Director and Senior Kickboxing/Fitness Trainer, Active Red

Singapore Representative for World Association of Kickboxing Organisations (WAKO)

Valencia Yip

Senior Kickboxing Trainer, Active Red

Level 3 WAKO Accredited Active Kickboxing Fitness Trainer.

Course Fee

This course consists:

  • 2-days Trainer Certification Seminar
  • International WAKO Accreditation
  • Course Manual
  • Open Certification, NO Renewal Fee!
  • Heavy bag work Handling/Techniques
  • Active Kickboxing Fitness T-shirt… and much more!

 All for only SGD$1,000!


Have you signed up yet??

5 potential candidates have already indicated their interest! Some from as far as up north in Canada! Awesome! 

5 more slots remain!

Join the revolution today!

Valuable information

With strong support from clients and friends, Active Red has experience positive growth and expansion in 2014. Going into the new year of 2015, Active Red is optimistic about experiencing further growth, hence employment opportunities and course subsidies are abound. Contact us to find out more.


Take your career the next level. Get certified today! To register for this seminar or for more information, please contact Jason @ 90921358 or email at jason@activered.sg

To find out more about Active Red, read about us here.

To choose an Active Kickboxing Programme, read about our different Kickboxing Programmes here.

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