Happy Wednesday everyone!

Looking for a variety to your usual workout routine??

Introducing ACTS!

What is Active Circuit Training System (ACTS) about?

Well, it’s a High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) with weights!

Will the class make you look beefy and bulky? Of course not!

In fact, it does the opposite! By doing our ACTS class, you can actually get lean and tone up your body! 😀



It also kicks your metabolism into high gear, running up to 48 hours! This means that you’ll be burning calories even when you’re not exercising! How cool is that?


It’s awesome to bring value add to our clients with different variety of classes so working out never gets dull 😀

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Stay tuned for more photos and videos!

Check out our extended and FURTHER discounted CNY promotion too! Yes, 1 package entitles to all 3 of our group classes!

Offer ends on 26th Feb 2016!


To find out more about our programmes, drop us an email today at info@activered.sg or sms us at 8363 5661.

See you then!

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