Happy Monday everyone!

It was an amazing weekend of 2-days on our Internationally Accredited Active Kickboxing Fitness Trainer Certification Seminar!!! with the lovely candidates!!!

A fulfilling 2 days of skills practice, techniques, practicing to teach and instruct the movements and most of all…
Sharing the knowledge with everyone and making new friends 😀

March 2016 Graduates!

Big thank you to our recent WAKO Singapore graduates, Qayyum and Rachel for dropping by to attend their refresher course 😀

Proper skills/technique, client’s safety and lots more are taught thoroughly throughout this 2 days seminar.

Grooming trainers with good proper skills and techniques are part of what we believe in to be a more effective and credible trainer overall.

It was awesome to have had the course conducted at Active Life Center by Active Red where all equipments were utilised during the seminar.



Candidates practicing to instruct and conduct a class
Interactive Discussion on Kickboxing experiences

Active Kickboxing Fitness Training Systems is one of the leading kickboxing training systems in Singapore today!

Come learn this training system and experience a breakthrough in your career today!

We are indeed humbled that Active Kickboxing Fitness Training Systems is recognised as a leading Kickboxing Fitness Training Programme in Singapore!

Stay tuned for our next intake on our Internationally Accredited Active Kickboxing Fitness Trainer Certification Seminar happening soon 😀


Calling all trainers too!
We are expanding – we have been receiving many requests to start up many more Active Kickboxing Fitness all across Singapore!

To all fitness trainers/group fitness trainers, been wanting to take your career to the next level?

Been wanting to gain additional experience?
Being a WAKO-accredited Active Kickboxing Trainer will help you do all that!
Take your career the next level. Get certified today!

To find out when is our upcoming intake or for more information, please contact us at info@activered.sg or sms us at 9761 5523.


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