Today, 23rd March 2016, marks the first death anniversary of Singapore’s founding Prime Minister.

Lee Kuan Yew_ribbon

From our humble beginnings, you have embodied the values of a true leader – a man ahead of your time, to painstakingly build this nation.

Thank you Mr Lee for dedicating and sacrificing your entire life to bring Singapore to where it stands today.

Whenever thoughts are conceived about Mr Lee, it brings about tear-jerking moments. Why? Because we understand the importance of the role he played during the early years when Singapore was a young and vulnerable nation.

Now that he has passed, we do know that he is in a much better place. We come to understand and appreciate all that he has done. Knowing that he is no longer with us brings us to value his sacrifice.


Words cannot describe your invaluable contribution, commitment and devotion to build a successful Singapore.

Truly, you will be remembered for days to come.

Thank you for being the greatest father we could ever have.


Credit to People’s Association (PA) for giving us this huge board to dedicate our tribute to our late founding Prime Minister.

By the end of the week, may the board be as full as Mr Lee’s life when he dedicated his life to serving Singapore and building it by hand 💜

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