Nothing really tops a Friday right?

Well, for us, having an amazing testimony from our valued client definitely tops ANY Friday, hands-down!

For today we’d like to feature Elina Chong, a warm, outgoing and supportive client at Active Red. We’ve had the pleasure of teaching her and watching her skills improve greatly with each and every session that she attends.

P_20160309_184243_NT.jpgFrom left to right: Elina Chong & Valencia (Senior Active Kickboxing Fitness Instructor)

After attending so many classes, these 2 have definitely grown to look more alike!

Following is her testimony after have been through our 6-Months Active Kickboxing Fitness Program!

” I personally enjoy going for training classes especially Cardio and Strength exercises. This is how I came across Active Life Center which is also a female-friendly environment. I have always enjoyed the 1 hour intensive workout, as they make me feel so much better after. For example, I can feel improvement in my core strength after classes twice a week.

Valencia and Joel both have a warm and spontaneous personalities and always strive to make workouts fun. They are encouraging and patient and would motivate me to do better each time. I would recommend everyone who is seeking health and fitness improvement to give it a go!

Kudos to Valencia and Joel! “

– Elina Chong
Active Red Active Kickboxing Fitness (Group Class) Client

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you Elina for sharing such a wonderful testimony about our Active Kickboxing Fitness Program! We really value the kind words that you have shared with us

As much as it was a joy for you to attend our classes, it was definitely our joy to be able to teach you as well!

Active Kickboxing Fitness Poster copy.jpgWhat Active Kickboxing is all about and our weekly schedule!

Are you looking for a place to try out Kickboxing? Why not give us a shot!

We’re proud to announce that we’re a women-only center! This means that all our Group Fitness Classes and Programs are solely for ladies only!

Be part of the Kickboxing Community! We’re also proud to announce that our Active Kickboxing Training System is Singapore’s Leading Kickboxing Training System!

Join our classes and experience a breakthrough in your fitness journey!


See you ladies at our Center REAAAAAAAL SOON! 😉


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