Looking for an avenue to increase your company’s exposure?

Why not be part of Singapore’s Biggest Fighting Event of 2016!

Presenting… Singapore Fighting Championship 3!

SFC 3 (Edited).JPG

As we’re closing in on the main event, we are looking for partners who would like to come on-board as partners in support of this event!

In return, we’re providing an amazing platform across various channels to broadcast YOUR company, YOUR brand!

Handshake Logo copy.JPG

With an estimated viewership of 1,000 viewers during the live event, you can definitely expect this to be like no other event you’ve ever been to! We promise tons of actions, tons of fun and tons of entertainment!

Stand a chance to have your brand broadcasted to over 350,000 users across ALL of our marketing assets! Increase your brand exposure and get more people talking about about YOU!

Apart from our Social Media Marketing platforms, we have also attained coverage from FOX Sports Asia and ChannelNews Asia! Talk about media coverage with the heavyweights!

Have your brand featured on telecast through these well-known media giants and extend your brand reach like never before. Scale new heights and garner reputation for your established company!

Interested? Drop us an email today at info@activered.sg or contact us at 8363 5661!


P_20160421_155028.jpgSFC 3 Tickets

Grab your tickets now from the respective fighters or from Singapore Fighting Championship Facebook page for early bird specials or directly from us!

All physical tickets can be bought from us (Active Life Center)!

All early bird tickets will cost $45. It will be $50 at the door. So grab your tickets now!
(from Singapore Fighting Championship , Juggernaught Fight Club or Active Life Center )

Active Life Center Address:
545 Orchard Road, Far East Shopping Centre
Singapore 238882

Juggernaught Fight Club Address:
33D Hong Kong Street
Singapore 059672

Alternatively, you may purchase the tickets from our Active Life Shop (our online store)!

To find out more about Singapore Fighting Championship 3, click here.

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