2 Events in 1 day?

On Saturday, 21st May 2016, we’ve got a total of 2 events happening! How exciting is that?

Mark your calendars because it will definitely be a day you would not want to miss out on!


First off, we’re having our Active Life Ceter May Open House 2016! From 10am to 3pm, we’re listing our classes for all you ladies to try out!

ALC Open House May 2016 - OFFICIAL copy.JPG
From Kickboxing to Weightlifting to Piloxing, you name it, we got it!

It’ll be a day filled with lots of fun, excitement and lots of exercise! Enjoy all of our amazing group fitness classes for only $12!

Highlights for the day? We’re listing our brand new ‘Intro to Weightlifting‘ Class! The class will be taken by our Senior Instructor, Valencia, who is a certified Fitness Trainer with various accreditations to her name!


Food proudly sponsored by KOKOMAMA


We’ll also ensure that you’ll be well taken care of! We’re bringing in some great food from KOKOMAMA! If you haven’t had the opportunity to try out their awesome bento sets, now would be the perfect time for you!

All of these amazing food is available to you by signing up for our event!

Amazing goodie bag items you’ll receive!

With your tremendous support and participation for our event, we’re excited to be able to reward you with these awesome goodie bag items! From discount vouchers to keychains, there’ll definitely be something in our goodie bags you can utilize!

Apart from the great program, food and goodie bags you’ll enjoy, we’ll also be featuring 2 guest speakers during the event to share about their line of profession!

Talk #1: Endometriosis (12pm – 1pm)

Endometriosis – A Talk by Namira (patient diagnosed with Endometriosis)

Speaker Biography
Endometriosis; a chronic illness that has no cure. Namira Mohamad is diagnosed with this chronic illness. Realizing that there is no form of support here in Singapore for this disease, she set up #iamnamira , a nonprofit support group in 2012 and carries the #EforEndometrosis project in providing assistance, advices, support and raise funds to create Endometriosis awareness.

Talk #2: Common Injuries & Prevention (1pm – 2pm)

Common Injuries & Prevention – A Talk by Sylvia Liew (lady in the center of the photo)

Sylvia’s Biography
Ms Sylvia Liew is a regular at Active Red. Being a senior physiotherapist from the hospital, she hopes to enlighten the female population on common injuries sustained during exercising, including shoulder impingement, wrist sprain, low back sprain, knee pain and ankle sprain. In the session, she will also share prevention tips and first aid management.

With so much in store for you, don’t give our event a miss! Register for our event by clicking here!


Looking to become a fitness/physique model? Need exposure and experience in fitness & physique competitions? Or perhaps you would like to see what goes on behind the scenes for an athlete’s preparation for a competition?

Come on down for the Team Singapore Naturals 2016 Selection! It’s happening on…

Saturday, 21st May 2016 (from 3:30pm – 5:30pm)!

This event is proudly organized by Natural Bodz Association (Singapore) in conjunction with Active Life Center as the co-hosts and venue sponsor!

Natural Bodz Association (Singapore) and Nudestrength.com are proud to sponsor a team of natural athletes for the Asia Pacific International 2016 on 10th – 12th June 2016 at Gold Coast , Australia where the best are gathered!

$5000 worth of sponsorships are up for grabs!


Are you ready to be selected as part of Team Singapore Naturals 2016 and brave the most prestigious stage in the whole of Asia Pacific Region?

Be prepared! We are selecting the finest Natural athletes that prove themselves to have what it takes to bring their best package to the Asia Pacific.

The selection is open to all NATURAL athletes! There are no prequalifiers.

Are you a bodybuilder? Are you an athlete? Are you are a model?

Or if you are a fitness enthusiast and simply look great! Come join us at the Team Singapore Naturals 2016 Selection on the 21st May which will be held at Active Life Center (that’s us!!)!

Active Studio 3

Online Registration starts on the 1st April at https://nudestrength.com/

Train Hard! Train Smart! Train Naturally!

Check out the event details below for the Asia Pacific Competition in Gold Coast!


The Premiere Natural Bodybuilding, Figure, Physique and the all New Pro League Event Live on Queensland’s Gold Coast.

Witness the hottest Natural Bodybuilders, Figure and Physique Athlete in the Industry.

The Sunday event also features the all new Natural Bodz Pro League. Showcasing the absolute pinnacle of physical achievement in the business.

Media Registration: Friday June 10
Fitness Model Event: Saturday June 11
Bodybuilding, Figure , Physique: Sunday June 12
All New Pro League: June 12 (Cash Prize Pool)




With so much in store for you, 21st May is definitely a date you want to lock into your calendar!

Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of this amazing day!

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