A new round of Active Kickboxing Fitness classes started at Bishan CC earlier this evening!

Big thank you to the returning clients who have been supporting of classes thus far and also welcoming all the new clients who have joined us.

A total of 14 ladies signed up for this round and it was an awesome session as the ladies refreshed or learnt the basic techniques and movements today!




That’s how credible and powerful Active Kickboxing Fitness Training Systems are!


We are indeed humbled that you’ve made us a leading Women Kickboxing Fitness Training System and Professionals!

This is only made possible with our very credible and internationally recognised WAKO-Accredited Active Kickboxing Fitness Training Systems.

One of the leading kickboxing training systems in Singapore today.

To book your introductory workshop, call/SMS 97615523 or email info@activered.sg today!

See you all in class!

Stay tuned for more photos and videos coming to you very soon!
Calling all trainers too!

We are expanding – we have been receiving many requests to start up many more Active Kickboxing Fitness all across Singapore!

To all fitness trainers/group fitness trainers, been wanting to take your career to the next level?

WAKO Poster (Jun 2016) copy

Been wanting to gain additional experience?

Being a WAKO-accredited Active Kickboxing Trainer will help you do all that!

Proper skills/technique, client’s safety and lots more are taught thoroughly throughout this 2 days seminar.

Grooming trainers with good proper skills and techniques are part of what we believe in to be a more effective and credible trainer overall.

Active Kickboxing Fitness Training Systems is one of the leading kickboxing training systems in Singapore today!

Come learn this training system and experience a breakthrough in your career today!

We are experiencing overwhelming response!

We are indeed humbled to have a larger than expected take up and signup this time round!

The upcoming intake is happening next month, 4 and 5 June 2016!

To find out more, drop us an email at info@activered.sg or sms 9761 5523 for more details!

See you soon!


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