10 Days to go!

Have you signed up for our WAKO-Accredited Active Kickboxing Fitness Trainer Certification Seminar?

Rachel Goh.jpg
Left to right : Jason Lim, Rachael Goh, Valencia Yip

Check out what our recent graduate, Rachael Goh experienced over the seminar.

We’ve had the pleasure of teaching Rachel during our previous WAKO-Accredited Active Kickboxing Fitness Certification Seminar in June 2016!

Rachael leads an active lifestyle with a great passion for fitness. She eagerly seeks to expand her knowledge and fervently pursues to improve herself.

Upon hearing about our Kickboxing Fitness Certification Seminar, Rachael pounced on the opportunity to take up the course!

Here was her feedback of the course!

I would like to take a moment to the team (Jason, Valencia and Joel) for making the kickboxing trainer certification seminar held last weekend such a worthwhile experience. It was fun and enjoyable. The trainers were professional, sharp and precise in providing feedback to improve techniques or commanding skills during the practice sessions.

I personally find the programme content very useful, practical and easy to understand especially for beginners like me with no kick boxing experience.The programme is really beneficial for me as it had provided me with the skills and knowledge to conduct simple kickboxing training for my clients confidently.Congratulations on both a successful and a memorable kickboxing certification seminar!

So you see, you could be a kickboxing trainer yourself!

You don’t have to be a Personal Trainer to take up this course! Anybody can take up this course!

Calling all trainers too!

WAKO Poster (23 - 25 Sep 2016) copy.JPG

We are expanding – we have been receiving many requests to start up many more Active Kickboxing Fitness all across Singapore!

To all fitness trainers/group fitness trainers, been wanting to take your career to the next level?

Been wanting to gain additional experience?

Being a WAKO-accredited Active Kickboxing Trainer will help you do all that!

We just had a very successful Internationally recognised WAKO-Accredited Active Kickboxing Fitness Trainer Certification Seminar in October 2015!

Proper skills/technique, client’s safety and lots more are taught thoroughly throughout this 2.5 days seminar.

Grooming trainers with good proper skills and techniques are part of what we believe in to be a more effective and credible trainer overall.

Active Studio 3
Active Studio @ Active Life Center

Active Kickboxing Fitness Training Systems is one of the leading kickboxing training systems in Singapore today!
Come learn this training system and experience a breakthrough in your career today!

We are experiencing overwhelming response! We are indeed humbled to have a larger than expected take up and signup this time round!

We are indeed humbled that Active Kickboxing Fitness Training Systems is recognised as a leading Kickboxing Fitness Training Programme in Singapore!

Remember, our next intake is coming up on 23 – 25 September 2016!

Sign up now, slots are limited!!


Take your career the next level. Get certified today! To register for this seminar or for more information, please contact Valencia @ 97615523 or email at valencia@activered.sg

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For more info on WAKO, read about WAKO here.

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