Sure you can Β do your workout at home, but those static workouts can get a little boring after a while.. So why not spice it up using some equipment! πŸ˜€

The two that we would recommend for home workouts would be using exercise balls or a balance trainer! The reason why they are extremely good for home workouts it because of how versatile they are, so you could always change up your workout if you are getting bored of one routine! Just imagine one piece of equipment, and an endless number of workouts for you to choose from!

AOK Mediball Pro

Using an exercise ball you could do exercises like push-ups, or inner thigh presses, this list goes on and on! Some benefits that come along with using an exercise ball in your workout would be that it increases your stability and actually targets a lot of different muscle groups!

Here is a simple push-up workout that you could easily do with an exercise ball. To increase the intensity of this push-up you could balance your lower part your legs rather than on your knees while doing it. This will help to increase your stability and also works your abs as well!


If you were to get an exercise ball we would recommend the AOK Mediball Pro as it is the brand that is used by many health and professional trainers worldwide!

BOSU Balance Trainer Pro

This balance trainer might look weird at first sight but it is extremely effective once you know how to use it! Since this balance trainer has one flat and one curved side, it is a better choice for beginners to use compared to an exercise ball is totally round.

Here is an example of how to use a BOSU Balance Trainer Pro. For beginners, they could always turn it around and use the flat side instead for increased stability.



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