Love exercise but don’t want to stick to your usual routine?

Why not try kickboxing!! It is a fun and high intensity workout that will change up your typical workout routine 

However, to learn kickboxing you will need to have a few essential pieces of equipment!

Boxing gloves

This is the most basic piece of equipment that you will need if you want to learn kickboxing! It is also important that you get a pair that will last long and also one that is very secure so that you don’t injure yourself while training!

So why not invest in a pair of our Active Kickboxing Gloves? They are made of leather to guarantee that they will last long, it also had multi layered foam so that it will protect you from any hard punches. They also have a structured thumb guard that will protect you from and finger injuries!



What is the other thing that you need when you have boxing gloves?? Handwraps of course!! We will be selling handwraps from TWINS, a well-known brand when it comes to MMA related accessories. Handwraps are very important in protecting your fingers and your wrists from potential injuries ✌🏻



To train properly you would need something to punch against, and what many kickboxers use would be Thaipads. We also do sell thaipads and they as guaranteed to be extremely durable and a lot more lightweight that the other ones out there that require more strength to carry. This makes it especially great for beginners to use as it will be easier to carry!

Our thaipads are also extremely versatile, which means that you don’t just need to use them for kickboxing but you can also use them for MMA or even muay thai!!


If you are interested in any of the items here, do head down to our online store which will be officially launched on 20th September 2016! (There will be opening promos too so do look out!)

If you are really into kickboxing then do sign up for our WAKO-Accredited Active Kickboxing Fitness Trainer Certification Course! Its your one time chance to learn everything you need to know about kickboxing and to become a professional trainer!:)

Contact details:
: 83635661


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