After trying out the workouts in our pasts few posts, your muscles are sure aching really badly now 😦 and we are sure that you would like to get rid of it ASAP, sooo why not find a way to treat it!

But who has the time and energy to get off your bed/sofa to visit a masseuse or a chiropractor, why not do it using a foam roller in the comfort of your own home!

Here at Active Red we would like to recommend getting foam rollers that are denser so that they would last longer. The foam rollers that we provide are not like the normal kinds that have the indentations on them but instead have a flat surface all round, so that it would be gentler on the user.

All you need to do to relieve your pain when using a foam roller is to place the aching muscles on the foam roller and apply pressure to get rid of the pain!


If you are interested in getting foam roller for yourself, do head down to our online store (! If you don’t want such a long foam roller we do have a smaller one in stocks too! πŸ™‚

Contact details:
: 83635661


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