We’ve all been so busy with school or work on the weekdays that we hardly have any time for anything else. Even if we managed to squeeze time out, we will probably be too tired to do anything, isn’t that always the case?

Then, when you finally find time during the weekends, you realised that everything you want to do is so much more expensive…

So yes, we have thought long and hard and we have a GOOD NEWS for you!

We’re having our ONE TIME SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY session this Saturday, 1st October 2016, 12pm – 1pm. 2 pax for $51 only!! Guarantee that it is going to be a worthwhile time where you get to improve your physical health and fitness in a unique and fun way, you also get to make new friends!! 


Remember it’s only for this once. If you missed it, it’s not coming back again. Grab your chance and SIGN UP NOW!!!

Our Active Kickboxing Program is a complete fun-packed aerobic and anaerobic workout, structured to build:

  • Skeletal and Muscular Strength
  • Improve Hand-Eye Coordination
  • Promote Weight Loss
  • Improved Agility, Power, Stamina and Endurance
  • Strengthen Developing Bones
  • Top Calorie-Burning Exercises

Contact details:
📬: info@activered.sg
📞: 83635661



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