Personal Training – Is it worth a shot?

Uniquely at our center, we conduct Personal Training – Kickboxing Fitness Style!

Our flagship Active Kickboxing Fitness programme is designed to help you lose weight, improve your cardiovascular fitness, tone your muscles and build strength.

You get to learn countless kickboxing combinations and drills. You will also get to focus on specific kickboxing techniques in every class.

See improvements in yourself within 4 weeks!


This complete body workout is great for anyone who wants to improve their cardiovascular fitness.

Equipment used and provided by Active Red:

  • Boxing gloves
  • Inner linings for boxing gloves
  • Handheld punching pads/punch gears
  • Handheld kicking pads/kicking gears
  • Heavy Bags/Punching bags
  • Functional Training Equipment (sandbell, resistance bands, and more!)


We are truly proud and thankful for having so many positive reviews on our Personal Training Sessions


“I have been to ‘Kickboxing Classes’ at other gyms and I always come back to Active Red. While other kickboxing classes focuses on cardio and just kee you moving, I prefer the sessions at Active Red as they focus on teaching you the correct way to punch and kick.”

– Isabella Crocker, long time client at Active Red (since 2014)


Joel and Alice.jpg

” “I wish that I can continue ….” were my sincere departure words when I left Active Red on 29 July 2016 after the last of my 10 personal trainings.

I was in Singapore with an objective to learn kickboxing; seomthing which I read and heard much about it.  I knocked on door of Active Red after checking online for personal kickboxing.

The trainers are mature and professional in ensuring that beginners like me and at my age was comfortable with those kicks and punches by using encouraging words during trainings.  The trainers are quick to adjust moves to suit my physical strengths and weakness which I felt progressive improvement after each training.

The different routines for each training added much fun to that one hour too. I appreciate the valuable advice given too when I asked about home practicing because I wish to continue but not sure if kickboxing lesson is available in Qatar.

I enjoyed kicking and punching on the Thai pad the most.  Somehow, such moves engaged my body parts most, forcing legs, arms and waist to stretch a lot more. Although puzzled at the beginning but after few trainings, I realized the need to add physical trainings (sit-up, push-up, etc) in between to build fundamental for kickboxing moves.

I left Singapore with money wisely spent to confirm my interest in kickboxing.  The 10 trainings definitely did wonder to my body & mind. I gained a toned body and happy that my brain is still working well after challenging many different sets of moves.

I’m willing & happy to recommend ActiveRed & your personal kickboxing trainings to friends.  Perhaps Active Red can help change the typical mindset of kickboxing in ladies so that more will benefit from the goodness of kickboxing 🙂

Joel, many thanks for the great 10 kickboxing trainings. My best wishes to you and ActiveRed ! Hoped to attend your personal training again at next opportunity :)”

– Alice Koh, 44 (First-Time Kickboxing Client at Active Red)

Thank you clients for such amazing and thoughtful testimonials, we truly appreciate the kind words given to us and we definitely long to share our passion for kickboxing and educate more clients on the benefits of kickboxing!


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To reap the benefits of Active Personal Training today, or simply to book your appointments, feel free to contact:

Name:     Valencia Yip / Joel Lye
Email: /
Phone:    97615523 / 8363 5661

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