We all know that exercise is a must.

But the thought of ‘actually exercising’ is dreadful.

So why is it dreadful when we all know the amazing benefits of exercising? Let us examine some pitfalls we may find ourselves in:

1) Motivation

Challenge: Zero Motivation

Whilst exercising commands a high level of commitment, perseverance and all that, we all have it. Just that we expended our energy at our desk jobs (or for some it sucked the life out of us).

Waking up early to start our day at work is already a war we wage against our bed and clocks, dragging our tired bodies to exercise just seems to add on to our battles for the day.

Whether you’re an elite athlete or someone starting out your fitness journey, zero motivation or lack of motivation thereof is always a challenge you will face.


Suggested Solution: Pay Money

We’re not saying this is ‘the best solution‘ to counter motivation barriers, but it is certainly one method to get our bodies working!

Putting a dollar to invest in your favourite gym or fitness center will definitely give you some degree of motivation. Once you’ve parked some of your hard-earned cash, this will force you to exercise at the gym  or fitness center. Does this really work? Yes it does up till the point where you decide ‘Ahhh whatever, I only spent X amount on this gym membership or group classes‘ because you’ve clearly given up exercising because of the work struggles, commitment and so on.

But we need to be better than that.

You can commit to creating your own exercise program and get it done or you can perhaps join a group class and some of the fitness programmes offered there.

Either ways, you land in the gym and get moving which works out to be half the battle won!

2) Knowledge (or lack thereof)

Challenge: I Don’t Know What To Do

How did someone like Muhammad Ali  know what to do when he first started out boxing? Yeah perhaps his coach knows what to do but did Ali know what do? I’m not entirely familiar with his story and how he started boxing but I can presume he started randomly hitting some bags, loved it and that’s all we need to know. Because after that part, it’s all dedication and hard work.

Every great athlete has a humble beginning. Every great athlete started with a ‘try‘.

The ‘I don’t know what to do‘ can not be used and most certainly should not be used as an excuse to skip exercising.

I can definitely recall the times when I first started exercising. I looked like a complete fool. Wandering around the gym, not knowing what to do and aimlessly trying out the different machines. Hell, I could barely bench press the olympic barbell itself (20kg).

But the moment I started to try, I found myself loving exercise more. I would read and research various training methods, terminologies, theories and tried all sorts of training methods and exercises in a pit to reach my goal (which then was to be 80kg and muscular).


Solution: Try

Ever heard of the famous saying ‘If you don’t try, you’ll never know

It’s all about trial-and-error. Finding out what training methods work, and what doesn’t. Finding out what exercises you love, and what exercises you hate (hopefully skip those exercises you hate).

It’s a journey. You’ll learn that some things work for you, and some things don’t. But in the end, you learn something and you archive that into that fantastic brain of yours.

So start trying today! Whether it’s a new goal you’ve set yourself to work towards or a new sport you’re wanting to learn (like Kickboxing for example – not advertising our business blatantly), start taking steps and I mean literally and figuratively.

Kickboxing Fitness at Active Red

3) Community

Challenge: No Support or ‘Like-Minded’ Friends

We human beings were created to be social beings, not social-media beings.

For the highly motivated individual who likes working out alone, skip along this pointer because this won’t apply to you.

We find comfort and security when we’re with a friend or in a group. Working out in an unfamiliar environment with fit people is definitely one avenue to bring our confidence levels down and shake our heads in despair as we leave the gym.

But things are different with a friend. Friends make us feel more comfortable in an uncomfortable environment. We feel at ease when we’re with a familiar face. Plus, with a friend, it works hand-in-hand because they can motivate you and likewise.

I have a friend, back in my days in the army, who would drag me out of bed (literally) and force me to go to the gym and exercise. That’s because I was his gym buddy and I wouldn’t want to go exercise at times because I was just completely, utterly and downright lazy.

Now your friend may not go to such extremes, but they add value and motivate you to exercise.

Group Photo at Active Red

Solution: Drag Friends or Make Friends

In an environment of exercise, that is the place where almost everyone’s interest is aligned, which is to basically ‘get fit’ to their own degree. This is an exception unless you’re that person who’s basically there to stalk for your next date, then your interest is different.

Dragging along your friend to exercise could bode well for you. Both of you get fit, build and improve your relationship and have fun. That’s a fantastic ending if you have a friend who’s willing to devote their time with you.

If not, making friends there is a great option too. You meet someone who’s interested are aligned to yours and if things go great, that person can become your new workout buddy. To make a friend, just ask them for a ‘spot’ (which means to support you while doing your exercise or set). That sets the ball rolling.

So get started today!


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