Exercise is a must.

However, the mediums or avenues which you use to exercise can vary from person to person.

Whether you’re a cardio junkie, a yoga lover or a gym rat, we’ve all got our own favourite medium / place to exercise.

How about those who have yet to start exercising?

If you’re in stuck between a hard place and a rock and no gyms/ runs/ yoga class works for you, have you considered kickboxing?

Kickboxing Street Fight (taken from http://survival-mastery.com

The age-old notion that kickboxing is ‘violent’ and ‘aggressive’ has been removed due to the rise of combat sports across the world.

Taking up Kickboxing  doesn’t mean that you’ll get involved in fights or that you’ll start to become more ‘violent’ or ‘aggressive‘.

Instead, you’ll become less of that because you have an outlet to ‘de-stress’ through punching and kicking stuff (because everybody enjoys punching and kicking stuff)!

Our first-time (new) Active Kickboxing Clients doing their first set of kicks!

Moreover at our studio (Active Red), our classes are done solely for fitness only. Our Active Kickboxing Fitness Programmes will give you an avenue to exercise, leading to;

  1. Leaner Body (due to strength training and cardio element)
  2. Accelerate Weight Loss
  3. Improved Self-Confidence
  4. Improved Strength (due to strength and resistance training)
  5. Improved Hand-Eye Co-ordination
  6. Improved Motor Skills

With so many things you stand to gain, what’s stopping you today?

Mandatory post-workout group photo!

Don’t let yourself stop yourself!

Go out of your comfort zone and try it out for yourself!


You’ll definitely enjoy our Active Kickboxing Fitness Classes! 😉


For more information on our group classes, contact us at:

Name:     Active Red
Email:     info@activered.sg
Phone:    8363 5661
Website: www.activered.sg
Online Store: www.activelife-shop.weebly.com

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