About Gym / Fitness Training

We’ve come to an age where information is readily available, even right to our fingertips with just a simple Google search.

Today, we are receiving an average of 174 newspaper worth of information, IN A DAY! (source) That’s a 200-fold increase in information received from an average human back in the 1980s.

Despite having access to information so readily and near instantaneously, there are may myths which still have yet to be dispelled with regards to Gym / Fitness Training for women. And we are here to uncover the truth to these myths.

MYTH 1: Gym Training will make me HUGE

Unless you’re taking supplements such as growth hormones, steroids or weight gainer, for women, you will most certainly not grow to HUGE proportions.


The likes of body builders and the visual-forecast of one obtaining such a physique is almost impossible (for women), without the use of the supplements mentioned earlier.

One also has to examine the time-frame under which one goes through a gym / fitness / strength / resistance training programme. It can be as short as a month, or up to years. But nevertheless, even with years of training (and we’re talking about 5 years ++), females generally will not grow to become extraordinarily large / bulky.

Instead, getting yourself into the gym and lifting weights will help your body to increase in lean muscle mass. So what does this mean?

Here are a few good reasons to have more muscles in your body:

  1. Increased Metabolism (body’s natural calorie-burning ability)
  2. Looking more Toned (less flabby-looking)
  3. More Active, Less Lethargic

With so much to gain, why not you join us for our Gym Circuit Training Class?

Check out our ladies in action!

Get started with your fitness improvement journey with us! We’d be glad to support you through every step of the way 🙂


Stay posted as we bust more myths!


How to Get Started

To get started, drop us an SMS or email to get started now! 😀


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