Will our Master Trainers be back once again?

Check out a short snippet of what went on during our Kickboxing Masterclass last December ’16!

Our special guest senior trainers, Jason Lim and Jen Koh Jing Yi in action with kickboxing!!!

Here you’ll see our guest trainer, Jen who is making a comeback to kickboxing after 5 years break. Though a little rusty, overall awesome movements still! Way to go 

Hence, Masterclass V3.0 is back on 15th July!

Screen Shot 2017-07-01 at 1.14.19 PM

Running with the same topic once again because many of you asked for it and miss the one in March/April 😀

Thank you, ladies, for the amazing support you’ve shown us for our past 2 masterclasses!

We’re proud to present our 3RD Masterclass, featuring techniques presented on:


Pad-holding may be achingly painful but essential so let’s all work towards and be more awesome at it 😀

July 2017 Masterclass

Just as the foundation of a tree provide structure and strength for the tree, so does the foundation (feet, balance, stability) of a Kickboxer provide for her.”

Date: 15 July 2017, Saturday

Time: 10am to 12.30pm

Price: $60 per pax

Why $60.00 you may ask?


  • Certificate of Participation (NEW!)
  • Individual Video analysis of skills (NEW!)
  • Light Snacks & Refreshments

AKB_3 (Edited)

Because we love you!

Learn how to hold Thai-Pads better and conquer it! 😀

But also as we want to better help each of you become better, more skilled with kickboxing. ❤

Sign up now!

Only 20 slots available!

How to register:

1) Indicate your interest to Joel/Valencia at 8363 5661/ 9761 5523

2) Complete payment for the workshop

3) Get ready to be ‘Oh so awesome!’

Sign up now!

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