Client Turned Trainer

Rachel (as seen in picture below) first joined us as a client, interested in our Active Kickboxing Fitness Programme and had a passion for the sport. From as early as 2013, Rachel joined our regular kickboxing classes, looking to improve her fitness in a fun and unique way.

Fast forward 2 years later, in October 2015, with her passion burning and having a flair for exercise, Rachel decided to take up our WAKO-Accredited Active Kickboxing Fitness Trainer Certification (Level 1), to take things to the next level. She had a deep desire within her heart to coach, nurture and help women to improve their fitness in a fun, sustainable and exciting manner.

An aspiring teacher and currently undergoing training at NIE (National Institute of Education), she maintains a healthy balance of work while fanning the flames of her passion (in kickboxing).

After an intense and awesome Active Circuit Training System (ACTS) with Rachel (4th from left)

After her finishing her teaching hours (in the day) at NIE, Rachel dives in to train at our (Active Red) kickboxing classes during the evenings. This healthy work-passion mix allows Rachel to actively seek out a career (as a teacher), whilst developing her passion (in kickboxing).

But that’s not all, this feisty trainer-in-training takes over our classes from time-to-time to practice her teaching hours for our fitness classes! You’ll be sure to catch her quite often at our center, whether it’s training to improve her kickboxing skills or teaching to develop her coaching capabilities!

WAKO Course (2).JPG
Rachel practicing roundhouse kicks (3rd from left)

If you do catch her around, be sure to say ‘Hi’ to her and she’ll be more than happy to get to know you better!

Be sure to watch this space as we feature more of our up-and-coming trainers whom we’re grooming to give you, our valued clients, a better experience! We’re always looking for interested people who are willing and eager to learn more about Kickboxing Fitness, and how it can be used to improve your personal fitness or even value-adding to your current client training program!

Contact us if you’re interested to add in ‘Kickboxing Fitness’ into your résumé  or even use our certification to jumpstart your fitness career!


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