You want it, you’ve got it!

Introducing the hottest requested topic for our ‘Masterclass’ series – Mastering Roundhouse.

Masterclass (Mastering Roundhouse) copy.JPG

A Roundhouse kick is a simple horizontal kick, designed to target your opponent’s side-of-thigh, ribs / body or even the head for a knockout kick.

Simple, effective but an uphill task to master.

That’s why we’re bringing this topic to you! There are many elements involved in a roundhouse kick;

  1. Feet Positioning
  2. Center of Balance
  3. Generating Force
  4. Following through the Kick
  5. Striking Surface
  6. Point-of-Contact
  7. Weight Distribution
  8. … and many more!

With so much to cover, you can expect stark improvements in your roundhouses once you’ve completed our Masterclass!

Best, a FREE gel-shock quick wrap (worth $20) will be given to our first 20 sign ups!



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