Looking for a brand new way to excite your senses and exercise in a whole new way?

We’ve just launched our deal with FAVE (previous Groupon)!

Click on this link to find out more about the deal!

Deal featured on FAVE

About The Deal

We are offering 2 of our hottest female-only group exercise program just for you!


If you are a brand new client and have not participated in any of our programmes / classes before, this deal is just for you.


Active Kickboxing Fitness (only women get it)

Our accredited Kickboxing Fitness programme offers you an exercise that is cardio, strength and resistance based training.


In short, you get to burn calories, tone up your body and promote weight loss!

The best part is that no prior experience is required! So take this opportunity to leap into your fitness journey with us, you won’t regret it!


Active Circuit Training System (ACTS)

This popular class features an simple, yet intense and effective circuit training using gym equipment (machines)!

Forget the age-old saying that lifting weights makes you bulky, lifting weights does the exact opposite for you!


Learn how different multi-purpose machines can be used to effectively shape up your body and reduce the flabs with consistent training.

Work almost every major muscle group in your body with every session, ensuring that you’ll look your best at every angle!


For more information on our group classes, contact us at:

Name:     Active Red
Email:     info@activered.sg
Phone:    8363 5661
Website: www.activered.sg
Online Store: www.activelife-shop.weebly.com

To find out more about Active Red, read about us here.

To choose an Active Kickboxing Programme, read about our different Kickboxing Programmes here.

Book your introductory workshop at Active Schedules

To be a Certified Active Kickboxing Fitness Trainer, click on WAKO logo below:

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