As we draw near to our Nation’s 52nd Birthday, we’d like to throw in something fun and exciting!

National Day 2017 - Wear Red Post.JPG

Come Tuesday, 08 August 2017, wear a red top, bottom or tights, and stand to redeem a FREE class on us!

Yes! It’s that easy!

And that’s all you need to do when you come for our 7pm or 8pm Group Exercise Class 🙂

If we have piqued your interest, get to know more about us! In short, we offer a variety of 5 group exercise classes (or 1-to-1 kickboxing personal training) for women only!

ALC 2017 Flyer (Page 2) copy (Small).JPG

Kickboxing Fitness, Gym / Strength Training, Group class sparring and even weightlifting!

Contact us to get started with Singapore’s Leading Women-Only Kickboxing Gym! 😀


For more information on our group classes, contact us at:

Name:     Active Red
Phone:    8363 5661
Online Store:

To find out more about Active Red, read about us here.

To choose an Active Kickboxing Programme, read about our different Kickboxing Programmes here.

Book your introductory workshop at Active Schedules

To be a Certified Active Kickboxing Fitness Trainer, click on WAKO logo below:

Remember to follow us on Facebook at:

“Like” Active Red Facebook Page

“Like” Active Life Center Facebook Page

“Like” WAKO Kickboxing Singapore Facebook Page


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