Reap the Benefits of Personal Training

Once thought to be the extravagance of the rich and famous, personal training is fast gaining acceptance and popularity among the man/woman on the street. Personal training is the most effective way to achieve your fitness goals.

Customised to meet your individual needs and achieve your desired results. Your one-on-one fitness program is managed by your private coach who will adjust your program as you progress.

Your coach is a certified fitness professional who will:

  • Motivate you
  • Monitor your performance
  • Work and share the responsibilities of your program with you.
  • Encourage and support you as you move towards your fitness objectives.

An increasing number of people – novice and veteran exercisers alike are working with personal trainers because they offer a practical and affordable means of getting and staying healthy.


To reap the benefits of Active Personal Training today, or simply to book your appointments, feel free to contact:

Name:     Active Red
Phone:    +65 8363 5661





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