Tailor-made Training

Active Red’s personal trainers wear many hats and play many roles, serving not only as coaches, but also as confidants, role models, educators and motivators.

Depending on your needs and busy work schedule, you can opt for:

  • Regular sessions of two to three times a week – you are more likely to stick to your program because you are accountable to someone else (personal trainers) for their exercise time.
  • Occasional/Periodic exercise sessions – you are the busy executive or veteran exerciser, seeing a trainer only on occasion to update their existing exercise program, or for periodic fitness testing to receive feedback on their progress is adequate.

Personal attention during exercise is the primary role of personal trainers. You will be given a balanced approach which will address the aerobic, strength and flexibility components of the exercise program. In addition, throughout the training sessions, you will be educated about the fundamentals of strength and aerobic training, as well as the proper and safe execution of exercises. Personal training is not a luxury. It’s a great investment of your time for your health and well-being.


So contact us today to have your tailor-made exercise programme today!

For more details on your personal training sessions or simply to book your complimentary trial sessions with our friendly trainers, feel free to contact:

Name:     Active Red
Email:     info@activered.sg
Phone:    +65 8363 5661
Website: www.activered.sg




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