Hi Everyone!

Tired of working out all day long but you don’t see the results?

Not liking your mundane workout routine?

Need something fun and yet sweat dripping workout?

Yes, try out our flagship Active Kickboxing Fitness Training ! 


Our flagship Kickboxing Fitness Class is designed to help you lose weight, improve your cardiovascular fitness, tone your muscles and build strength.
You get to learn countless kickboxing combinations and drills. You will also get to focus on specific kickboxing techniques in every class. This complete body workout is great for anyone who wants to improve their cardiovascular fitness.


Your safety and wellbeing is most important to us — Introductory Sessions are mandatory for all new students.

Our trainers will teach you the fundamentals of Kickboxing and the basic techniques needed to participate in our group sessions comfortably. This session is designed for all new Active Red clients, regardless of fitness levels and exercise backgrounds.

There are unique differences in our Active Kickboxing Programs — equipment used, stances, class structure and terminology. Our trainer will also take this time to assess your current fitness level and exercise background. You will subsequently be advised on the appropriate class level to join — one that will best suit you.

Equipment used and provided by Active Red:

  • Boxing gloves
  • Inner linings for boxing gloves
  • Handheld punching pads/punch gears
  • Handheld kicking pads/kicking gears

Personal gear for classes:

  • T-shirts (no revealing tank tops or racerbacks allowed)
  • Tights or Track pants (¾ length or more – no FBTs or shorts allowed)
  • Track shoes with sports socks
  • Water bottle
  • Towel (both bath and sweat)

Duration of class:
1 hour

As shower facilities are not available at the above venue, you may want to bring extra towels for wipe downs after class.


Mode of payment:
– Bank Transfer/I-banking (OCBC Current Account 660-859455-001)

(Kindly drop us an SMS/email once payment has been made)

Do provide the following details:

  • Reference no.
  • Payee Name (via I-banking)
  • Date and Time of payment
  • Snapshot of transaction receipt (via ATM transfer)

All payments to be made in full one week prior to commencement of classes.

This programme is endorsed under the Sports Education Programme (SEP). SEP is developed and administered by the Singapore Sports Council(SSC) and the Ministry of Education (MOE).

Book your complimentary trial/intro class now at Active Schedules.

For more details on class schedules or simply to book your appointments, feel free to contact:

Name:     Active Red
Email:     info@activered.sg
Phone:    +65 8363 5661
Website: www.activered.sg

 See you there!

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