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Personal Training Programme Testimonial

CIRCA. 2016


“I was in Singapore with an objective to learn kickboxing which I read and heard much about it.  I knocked on door of Active Red after checking online for personal kickboxing.

The different routines for each training added much fun to that one hour too. I enjoyed kicking and punching on the Thai pad the most.  Somehow, such moves engaged my body parts most, forcing legs, arms and waist to stretch a lot more. Although puzzled at the beginning but after few trainings, I realized the need to add physical trainings (sit-up, push-up, etc) in between to build fundamental for kickboxing moves.

I left Singapore with money wisely spent to confirm my interest in kickboxing.  The 10 training definitely did wonders to my body & mind. I gained a toned body and am happy that my brain is still working well after many challenging different sets of moves.

Joel, many thanks for the great 10 kickboxing trainings. My best wishes to you and Active Red ! Hope to attend your personal training again at the next opportunity 🙂

Cheers !!”

– Alice Koh, 44


CIRCA. 2014

“I started kickboxing lessons with Active Life Center as I was looking for something intense and enjoyable. After having tried both the group classes and personal training, I decided that the latter gave me the best of both worlds. An hour-long session of explosive training is the usually the highlight of my weekend.
Valencia (Active Red) takes the extra effort to explain the techniques involved and regularly updates me on my progress. I’m hooked!”
– Bhavani, 26

CIRCA. 2012

“I’ve been training with Jason (Active Red) on-off for the last 10 years, and more consistently with him the last few years. Jason really keeps me on track with my fitness goals and continually mixes up my training to keep it interesting. He also helped me source for an affordable elliptical trainer when I was looking for one, and assisted in making it a hassle free and seamless process for me. Thanks Jason!”

– Tiara Shaw, 36

“We’ve been training with Jason (Active Red) for the past 2 years. It is always intense yet fun training with them. They never fail to push us to our limits – of course with lots of humour injected into the sessions! We always end up in pools of sweat after each workout – totally drained of all our energies! Every session feels like a guys’ day out!

Besides coming up with excellent training programmes, they also make good recommendations for choice of boxing equipment. They fulfilled prompt orders and facilitated in the assembly of our very own personal punching bag! We now feel like professional kickboxers! Thanks, guys!”

– Mark Shaw, 42 and Ramon, 42

“After just one session of personal training with Jason, I had muscle soreness – especially in my leg and lower back but I like this feeling! Haha! His workout was fantastic. Now I can feel that my muscles are really working out properly. Thanks for providing a awesome session. I really liked it :)”

– William Lee, 30

Senior Fitness Programme Testimonial

CIRCA 2015

“Hey Jason (Active Red) on behalf of my Centre we would like to thank you a million for helping out getting the gloves made this performance possible! The elderly had great fun! Thank you =)”

– Brenda Teo, St Hilda’s Community Services


Active Kickboxing Fitness Programme Testimonial

CIRCA. 2016

Val & Elina.jpg

“I personally enjoy going for training classes especially Cardio and Strength exercises. This is how I came across Active Life Center which is also a female-friendly environment. I have always enjoyed the 1 hour intensive workout, as they make me feel so much better after. For example, I can feel improvement in my core strength after classes twice a week.

Valencia and Joel both have a warm and spontaneous personalities and always strive to make workouts fun. They are encouraging and patient and would motivate me to do better each time. I would recommend everyone who is seeking health and fitness improvement to give it a go!

Kudos to Valencia and Joel!”

– Elina Chong, 26


Jacinda Ng Wan Chin.jpg

“After a long day of work in front of the computer, I love coming to Active Red to get all my joints and muscles moving. The hour long training allows my brain to depart temporarily from work and focus on completing the training.

It is not just about kicking and punching hard, but also about sustaining them. In order to sustain, I have learnt to control and also learnt how to effectively use muscles from other body parts to support or enhance. Control and efficiency are traits I am applying also to work and life. Thank you Active Red! Thank you Val!”

– Ng Wan Chin, 25


CIRCA. 2015

“Very helpful and friendly instructors to help everyone keep in pace and up to standards. Lessons were really awesome! They helped me stay healthy and kept me fit! Time passes really fast when you are at Active Red and I always look forward to my next lesson despite staying far away from town. So ladies, do join in the fun and start your exercise regime with a hard solid kick!”

– Jean Chia, Teacher


“My overall experience at Active Red has been really fun, engaging and it helped me a great deal in keeping fit as well as strengthening my core.

The instructors are friendly, helpful and dedicated in monitoring each student and helping them improve in areas that they may not be able to grasp well.

They make working out fun and interactive, motivating me to work out more often.

The programme also has a good and smooth pace, with new techniques taught every week as well as constant revision of techniques to make everyone a better athlete.

I think regardless of men or women, the programme is good and suitable for everyone, however I think that the age group should range from 18 and above.

Therefore, I would definitely recommend my friends and colleagues to take a look at Active Red’s programmes as they are indeed worth joining.”

– Su Fang, Student



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